Discography: Solar Messiah 2012

Solar Messiah 2012


1. Dreams Of Pale (Solar notes: Stan, Messiah words: Ivan)
2. The Deepest Fear (Solar notes and Messiah words: Stan)
3. Sanity (Introduction) (Solar notes: Stan)
4. For One Moment In Time (Solar tones and Messiah words: Stan)
5. Memories (Solar tones: Stan, Messiah words: Ivan)
6. Inner Sight (Solar tones: Stan, Messiah words: Ivan)
7. Endless Horizon (Solar tones: A. Rekarski, Messiah words: Ivan)
8. God's Sun Hours (Solar tones: Ivan, Zhivko Koev)
9. Solar Messiah (Solar tones: Stan, Messiah words: Ivan)
10. The Day Of No Return (Solar tones and Messiah words: Stan)
11. Palette Of Grey (Solar tones: Stan, Messiah words: Ivan)


WARTIME - "Solar Messiah" - 2012

Messiah Prophets:

The Band:
Stan Stanchev - Guitars
Antonio Mitov - Bass
Velizar Bolchev - Drums
Ivan Ivanov - Vocals and Keys

Guest Musicians:
Nikola Hristov - Guitars
Zhivko Koev (Pagliacci) - Keys
Panayot Solakov (Yuvigi) - Violin

Band's special thanks go to: Our families and friends, our girlfriends and wives for their love, extraordinary support and patience, Borislav Kostadinov and Soundlurker Studio ( http://soundlurkerstudio.com/ ), 60k Ltd. ( http://www.60k.bg/ ), KD Basses ( http://www.kdbasses.com/ ), Telesound Bulgaria ( http://telesound.bg/ ), Sylvia Shuleva, Zhivko Koev and Katerina Simeonova from Pagliacci, Warzone Studio, Bulgar Mark Ltd. And Ivan Maslev ( http://www.bulgarmark.com/ ), all active bands from Bulgaria who are forced to create art in miserable conditions- we feel your sacrifice and we know we will win!

Produced by Wartime Band (Stan, Ivan, Velizar and Antonio)
Recorded at Warzone Studio, Sofia 2012, engineered by Bobby Kostadinov
Acoustic guitars on Memories recorded at 7edem Studio, engineered by Nasko Di Stefano.
Mixed and Mastered at Soundlurker Studio ( http://soundlurkerstudio.com/ )